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Lady Gaga Slams Trump As A 'Fool' And A 'Racist' In Powerful Post Demanding Justice For George Floyd

Lady Gaga Slams Trump As A 'Fool' And A 'Racist' In Powerful Post Demanding Justice For George Floyd
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Celebrities across the country are speaking out against the murder of unarmed Black Minnesotan George Floyd at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin.

While Floyd was handcuffed, Chauvin knelt on top of his neck, putting the full force of his weight over Floyd's throat for nearly 10 minutes, killing him.

Though Chauvin was eventually charged with murder after national outcry, protests continue to mount against the larger epidemic of police brutality that Floyd's murder represented.

Days after the release of her latest album, Lady Gaga is adding her voice to the millions of those speaking out against Floyd's murder and against the violence of systemic racism.

Gaga acknowledged that the voices of Black people have been silenced for too long, and vowed to use her privilege as a white woman to amplify them.

She then turned her sights on President Donald Trump, saying:

"We have known for a long time that President Trump has failed. He holds the most powerful office in the world, yet offers nothing but ignorance and prejudice while black lives continue to be taken. We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office. He is fueling a system that is already rooted in racism and racist activity, and we can all see what is happening."

Gaga has previously spoken out against Trump, performing at a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the night before the 2016 election. On the night of Trump's victory, she began a protest outside of Trump Tower in New York.

People widely agreed with her take that Trump—who referred to protesters as "thugs" and threatened to sic "vicious dogs" on them—was accurate.

Trump supporters were none too happy at her words.

There are actions you can take in addition to using your voice.

Protests continue around the nation.