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Jimmy Kimmel Had The Perfect 'Karen' Burn For Tucker Carlson—And People Are So Here For It

Jimmy Kimmel Had The Perfect 'Karen' Burn For Tucker Carlson—And People Are So Here For It
ABC; Fox News

By now, the majority of us are familiar with the term "Karen," a pejorative usually used for a White woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.

The term has also sometimes been employed to describe men who exhibit similar behavior, but there still isn't really a term to describe entitled White men—to the surprise of no one.

So what do you call this phenomenon?

If you ask late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, he'll recommend male Karens be called "Carlsons," a reference to Fox News personality—and frequently clueless, entitled White man—Tucker Carlson.

Kimmel made the suggestion while mocking Carlson for complaining about President Joe Biden, who had earlier been caught on camera coughing or clearing his throat before shaking hands.

Carlson, who has long downplayed the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and pushed back against common-sense restrictions to curb the virus on the grounds that such restrictions would impede personal liberty, called the footage "a crime caught on film."

Kimmel also played footage of Carlson asserting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should have "arrested" President Biden for coughing on stage last year.

It was then Kimmel ribbed Carlson... and offered viewers the perfect way to immortalize his trying behavior:

"Yeah, good one, Tuck. "Where are those CDC police when you need them to arrest? What a soppy bag of phlegm he is."
"You know how they call women 'Karens.' Can we call a male Karen 'Carlsons' from now on?"

While the suggested nickname has yet to catch on, KImmel's viewers have certainly responded positively.

Carlson regularly makes headlines for often inflammatory behavior that would befit the "Karen," or shall we say "Carlson" moniker.

He recently sparred with Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, after he spent a portion of his program criticizing her sexuality alongside her announcement of an outdoor mask mandate in her state.

At the time, Carlson suggested that Brown's sexuality is illegitimate simply because she happens to be married to a man.

His rant prompted a response from Brown, who noted that being attracted to both men and women is "what bisexual means."

Last month, he attempted to undermine comments White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made about the recent ban on abortion in Texas by bringing up trans men.

Carlson suggested that Psaki forgot to "update" her "talking points" before she responded to a reporter in the White House briefing room, claiming that abortion is no longer a women's issue because "men get pregnant now."