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Kentucky Man Goes Viral After Lamenting About Being Named 'Brett Kavanagh' 😳

Photo by Melina Mara/Pool/Getty Images

Brett Kavanagh is having a bad week. No, not the public figure Brett Kavanaugh; that guy was just confirmed for a lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court. His week is going great. For the other Brett, not so much.

This other Brett Kavanagh's surname may be missing a "u" but it's close enough that the salesman from Kentucky says his phone has been blowing up since the Senate hearings began.

He took to Twitter to post his woes:

At least Kavanagh can take heart that he is not alone. With over a million likes, someone is bound to feel his pain.

It didn't take long to hatch a plan.

He was given some more suggestions.

Now this family has reached pop royalty, but yeah...awkward.

Politics, pop music, and pastries.

Hey, what's for breakfast?

But the winner has to be.

Some more folks are feeling the heat.

But this guy is loving life!

H/T: The Hill, The Wichita Eagle