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Kentucky Little League T-Ball Game Goes Off The Rails After Parents And Coaches Start Brawl

Kentucky Little League T-Ball Game Goes Off The Rails After Parents And Coaches Start Brawl
Destani Renaye Knox/Facebook

Kids at a Little League T-ball game in Stanton, Kentucky were left in tears after parents and coaches from opposing teams got into a fistfight out on the field over a disputed call.

According to WKYT, Monday night's chaos ensued when two coaches argued over a call and a spectator ran out onto the field. Witnesses said the person took off his shirt and began cursing and punching those around him.

Dozens of parents then joined the violent fracas.

Video footage showed furious parents on the field yelling "piece of sh*t" and "sorry a** excuse." Other parents from the stands attempted to stop the intense brawl that was frightening the young players, ages 5-7.

The Lexington Herald said some of those involved could be facing criminal charges.

WARNING: NSFW language

There was no trophy and medal ceremony for the championship game as a result of the incident that spiraled out of control.

You can watch the local news report, here:

The 911 dispatcher responding to the emergency call said:

"Give me a couple of units of to the city park, they are getting pretty wild at the T-ball field believe it or not. They've had a fistfight in the middle of the field, we have them separated now, but they might do it in the parking lot again."

Destani Renaye Knox, whose daughter was participating in the game, expressed her astonishment over the wild altercation in a Facebook post.

She posted a video taken from the stands and wrote:

"Just so its known. I did state it was a kids game to the lady that came up beside me acting wild! AND I did ask where my f'king kid was because she was out on that field when this happened!!"

"And once the coach came back at her screaming i knew it wasn't going to calm down! So excuse me for the single cuss word I used around not 1 kid!"

"Trying to find my kid to get her off the field SAFELY! I do apologize. I was VERY upset my kid along with everyone's kids that had to see witness that last night!"

Knox added she was frustrated over the game being derailed at the expense of the young players.

"It's really sad these kids that played hard all season and put their hearts on that field didnt get to finish their championship game because 'adults' wanted to act like this..... at a T-ball game....... I can't even......"

The video sparked disappointment at the adults setting horrible examples of sportsmanship to young children.

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told the news station:

"It was devastating for the kids I couldn't believe that adults acting like that and I know my little girl was so excited."

"She had worked all season to get better and get the game balls and she was so excited, and it just got ripped away from them."

The discussion over the disputed call between the opposing teams' coaches continued on social media.

In response to the video Knox posted, coach Jimmy Smith defended himself and wrote in a Facebook post:

"If you're gonna post videos and call me a POS Coach, why don't you show the whole video or tell the entire story! I never touched anyone."

"Yes, I was upset over a bad call, but I would never fistfight anyone in front of kids! I will stand up for my team 10/10 times, and you tell me one coach who wouldn't?!?! "

"And in this video, I specifically said he dropped the ball while their parents were heckling me!"

"So I guess the other team didn't like me disputing the call and their coach threw his hat at another coach on my team, and then he got in my face! So get your facts straight!!!"

"There's a video that shows the beginning of the whole incident so hold tight before you bash me because he clearly came at me along with another coach! And to another post about me only being worried about winning a plastic trophy, well, I could care less about a $5 piece of plastic so take your post, comments, and agenda fitting videos elsewhere!"

"You will not ruin my love for coaching these kids!!! 9/10 most parents and coaches cannot stand playing against this said individual because it's his way or no way, and if he becomes the president of the baseball league, I know several in this county that will not play baseball in the little league program!!!! GO RANGERS!!!! I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY KIDDOS AND THEY PLAYED GREAT!!!"

The opposing team's coach, Steve Randall, also took to Facebook and responded to Smith and asked for a truce.

"Jimmy Smith, you wanna make this right? At this point all I care about is getting these kids what they deserve. You call me tomorrow and let's schedule a time we can have both teams at the field and hand them their deserved trophy."

"What you did was wrong, what I did was wrong and it was a disservice to the kids. We name the Rangers and Reds co-champions and be done with it."

In a separate Facebook post, Smith apologized.

He wrote in part:

"I want to start by apologizing for raising my voice and disputing a call at last night's game. I accept full responsibility for my actions, and it doesn't represent the love that I have for coaching the kids in our community."

"To hear people calling me the things they were calling me last night really hurts because, without a doubt, I love all of these kids and enjoy every moment coaching them!"

"I'm done with all the negative comments. I'm not going through comments or any tags. I'm man enough to admit I made a mistake last night and share half the blame, and I will gladly shake hands and squash this whole ordeal."

On Tuesday, Stanton police Sergeant Ian Morton told the Stanton Herald the department was still taking statements from witnesses. Some of the adults who participated in the altercation could be prosecuted.

"We're going to speak to everybody that we can," said Morton, adding, "and if the (Powell) county attorney recommends charges, that's what we'll do."