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GOP Senator Mocks Kamala Harris By Asking Amy Coney Barrett If She 'Hates Little Warm Puppies'

GOP Senator Mocks Kamala Harris By Asking Amy Coney Barrett If She 'Hates Little Warm Puppies'
Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images; Robyn Beck/Getty Images; Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images

During the Senate confirmation hearing of controversial Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Republican Senator John Kennedy—known for his folksy persona and devotion to President Donald Trump—tried to mock Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris of California for her line of questioning.

Earlier in the week Barrett faced a barrage of questions from Harris on what most would find a no-brainer. Questions included is the virus contagious, do cigarettes cause cancer and is climate change happening.

Although Barrett answered simply for most of the line up, she stopped at climate change calling it "a contentious matter."

Somehow Barrett was able to "answer" a direct question about the climate crisis without actually mentioning climate change at all.

Instead, she avoided the matter saying:

"You have asked me a series of questions that are completely uncontroversial, like whether COVID-⁵19 is infectious, whether smoking causes cancer and then trying to analogize that to eliciting an opinion from me that is a very contentious matter of public debate..."
"I will not do that, I will not express a view on a matter of public policy, especially when it's politically controversial, cause that's inconsistent with the judicial role."

It is scientific fact…but okay.

Harris replied:

"Thank you, Judge Barrett. You have made your point clear that you believe [climate change] is a debatable point."

Cue conservative Senator Kennedy.

Kennedy took issue with the questions Harris asked and responded with his own line of overly simplified questions to Barrett in an attempt to mock his fellow Senate Judiciary Committee member.

He said to Barrett:

"Judge let's try to answer some of senator Harris's accusations. Are you a racist? Do you support, in all cases, corporations over working people? Are you against clean air, bright water and environmental justice? Do you support science? Do you support children and prosperity?"

Adding finally:

"Do you hate little warm puppies?"

Barrett answered the questions and chuckled while saying she does not hate little warm puppies moving on with the conversation.

Twitter was not so quick to brush off the Louisiana Senator's mocking questions aimed more at Harris than the SCOTUS nominee and had a few things to say.

Some felt Kennedy was mocking not just a political rival but the democratic process with his condescending questions.

While some may find snide responses humorous, we hope Senator Kennedy can focus on real issues while in office.