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Kathy Griffin Shares Hilarious Reactions To Her Puffy Lips After Lip Tattoo

The comedian shared startled reactions of her husband and friend Kristen Johnston to her swollen lips after she had a 'lip blushing' procedure.

Screenshots of Kristen Johnston, Kathy Griffin, and Randy Bicks from video
Kathy Griffin / YouTube

When you're in the public eye, you spend half your life in the hair and makeup chair. So it's only natural to want to get a more permanent makeup solution, right?

But that doesn't mean it's a good idea—as legendary comedian Kathy Griffin found out the hard way. For a day or two, anyway.

Griffin recently shared her journey with getting the semi-permanent lipstick procedure lip blushing, which is basically a tattoo of the lips so you don't need to worry about applying makeup for a while.

And let's just say the results were a bit unexpected, as seen in Griffin's YouTube video below.


Griffin shared the whole process in her video, including the actually tattooing itself. Right from the start it sort of looks like a bad idea—even the painted-on guide for the tattoo needle looks like the finished product will be a bit much.

But what Griffin revealed after the procedure was nothing short of shocking—so much so, in fact, that her husband, music producer Randy Bicks, practically leapt out of his chair when Griffin gave him the big reveal.

Griffin's video then treats us to a selfie view of her new lips and...well, somewhere there's a clown or maybe a fish or maybe a clownfish that wants its lips back, let's just go with that.

Griffin's longtime friend, actor Kristen Johnston, couldn't even believe the lips were real, exclaiming, "What did you do?!" when Griffin showed her.

Griffin also shared a screenshot of her feedback to the woman who gave her the lipstick tattoo, which jokingly read, "You're fired." Thankfully, though, the horror show was temporary.

After six days of healing, Griffin revealed an updated look at the lips, which actually looked fantastic in a shade of permanent pinkish-red that suits her perfectly. Phew!

Of course, Griffin's hilarious take on her temporarily disastrous lip job got plenty of people talking on social media.

Griffin told People that she definitely "underestimated" the healing process of lip blushing, but despite the horrible look it gave her at first she couldn't help but laugh—even if it hurt to do so for several days.