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Kathie Lee Gifford Just Gave Her Hilarious Two Cents About Her Son-In-Law's Viral Moose Knuckle Incident

Kathie Lee Gifford Just Gave Her Hilarious Two Cents About Her Son-In-Law's Viral Moose Knuckle Incident
Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen/YouTube

Last week, Celebrity Family Feud, of all things, gave us a viral moment that took over the internet for an entire day. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' nephew Ben Weirda suddenly realizing, on television, that his pants were entirely too tight and he was sporting an enormous, show-stopping moose knuckle.

Well now, in the wake of all that attention, Weirda's Celebrity Family Feud teammate and mother-in-law, Kathie Lee Gifford, has weighed in on her son-in-law's little mishap—and this story just gets even better.

You can watch Gifford's comments here:

Kathie Lee Gifford on Her Son-in-Law's Tight Pants |

Gifford put in her two cents during an appearance on the Bravo show Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Gifford was on the show to talk about her new film, Then Came You, which she wrote and co-stars in. But, of course, Cohen wasn't about to let her go without commenting on the moose knuckle heard 'round the world.

And Gifford, with her trademark wit and aplomb, gave a perfect response. Ruefully looking into her lap and laughing to herself, Gifford playfully ribbed Weirda, who is married to her daughter Cassidy.

When Cohen asked if she'd seen the clip of his... very full pants, she said:

"Yes, I have, it's hard to miss it. I'm sorry, but I'm glad it's not my son!"

Both Cohen and his other guest, singer Gloria Estefan, couldn't help but heartily laugh.

Gifford continued by explaining how the whole thing happened.

"[N]one of us realized it. We were playing a game, for goodness sakes, and we got very, very excited about it, obviously."

Gifford also said her daughter Cassidy mentioned to Weirda before the show that he should maybe choose different pants.

But he shrugged it off and figured it would be fine—the dead wrong choice, unless internet infamy, were the goal.

On YouTube, people were loving Gifford's and Cohen's lighthearted banter about this *ahem* hefty incident.

"0:17 - Kathie Lee: 'It's HARD to miss it!' LOL" --Jeremy Davidson
"Trust Andy to say he's gifted" --Dolittle Firstking
"She was acting like she's seen it b4!" --Clarence Barbour

And if Weirda thought his viral moment was over, he should think again—people were still cutting up about his mishap.

"Idk why but whenever I see a man with pants too tight, IMMEDIATELY and without fail the scene from That Thing You Do where the receptionist claps back with "How long you been wearing such tight pants?" pops in my head! 😂😂😂😂😂" -- MufarosButifulDawtrs
Fallon is a fool if he doesn't get this guy on for a new version of 'I've got my tight pants on' ...'cause 'Everybody's talkin' 'bout my tight pants...about my tight pants...I've got my tight pants ON!' --dreampsi2
"Its a roll of quarters" --Bob Rooney

People on Twitter were still laughing too.

They aren't alone, though.

Gifford confirmed to Cohen that Weirda and the entire family got a hardy laugh about the whole thing.

"All they've been doing is laughing about it ever since."

After all, there are worse things to go viral for.