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Kari Lake's Latest Story About An Election-Denying 'UPS Guy' Has The Internet Rolling Their Eyes

The failed GOP gubernatorial candidate from Arizona claims a UPS guy lamented how they 'stole another election' in a questionable tweet.

Kari Lake
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Kari Lake—a QAnon adherent, MAGA minion and election denier who was the Republican nominee in Arizona's gubernatorial race—had social media users rolling their eyes after she posted a questionable tweet claiming an election-denying United Parcel Service (UPS) worker lamented her recent loss.

Lake has thus far refused to concede after she officially lost the gubernatorial race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, the Arizona Secretary of State whom Lake threatened with imprisonment on baseless and unspecified allegations of criminality related to the 2020 election.

Instead, she's rehashed the playbook made popular by former Republican President Donald Trump, falsely alleging election fraud took place and her tweet claiming the unnamed UPS delivery driver “just told us he is ‘devastated’ that they ‘stole another election’ and asked how he could help" feeds this false narrative.

She added:

“The Fake News may spin it… Officials behind the Sham Election may lie… But Arizonans get it."
“They know our Elections are a joke.”

You can see Lake's tweet below.

Lake's tweet is ironic because the results show Arizonans had enough of Lake and her brand of BS, which made Arizona a hotbed for election fraud conspiracies—many of them furthered by Lake herself.

Lake's loss was yet another sign those who've backed Trump's "Big Lie" that the 2020 general election was stolen were being repudiated at the ballot box.

The overwhelming majority of Trump's chosen candidates failed to make traction on Election Night, which did not result in the "red wave" Republican legislators and pollsters had counted on and were seen as a referendum on how much sway Trump and his rhetoric still have over the American electorate.

Lake and her supporters, for their part, alleged wrongdoing right to the bitter end, even going so far as to demand the military step in and redo what they alleged is a "false" election as she continued to fall behind Hobbs.

Her latest attempt to cast doubt on the election results was such an obvious lie it exposed her to significant mockery online.

Although Lake has continued to attack the electoral process, at one point calling Arizona’s elections system a “laughingstock” and accusing Arizona's election officials of intentionally slowing down the process of tallying votes, she was shut down by Maricopa County's head of elections, who called her claims "offensive."

Lake recently filed suit in Arizona state court against Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials challenging the certification of the state’s election results and seeking a court order that declares her the winner.

Her lawsuit was swiftly denounced by Hobbs' campaign manager Nicole DeMont, who said Lake "needs attention like a fish needs water" and stressed that a bipartisan group of independent experts and local election officials "have made clear that this was a safe, secure, and fair election."