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Kanye's Easter Service At Coachella Was Livestreamed Using A Pinhole Effect—And Viewers Instantly Turned It Into A Meme

L-@Coachella/TwitterR-Jed Share/Kaoru Share via Getty Images@ginaselim/Twitter

Kanye West has been performing something called a "Sunday Service" to the public since January.

These aren't traditional church services--more a chance for Kanye to perform music with religious overtones--and they are very oddly secretive. Guests must sign non-disclosure agreements before going in.

This past Sunday though--Easter Sunday--Coachella was kind enough to give us all a sneak peek into the service.

Except, they used a really weird camera angle.

We can't see a dang thing.

The camera is so poorly done that it's difficult to even understand who is who, let alone watch the "service."

It looks like Kanye just rang your doorbell and you weren't expecting company.

The thing about this meme is it's too accurate to even truly be funny.

It just annoys all of us all over again.

The Teletubbies must be so proud.

Coachella, we get you're all artsy and all that, but can you please use a camera that a human eye can perceive accurately?

Do better, please!