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A Bizarre Kansas House Campaign Featuring Two Candidates With The Same Name Gets The Perfect Meme πŸ˜‚

Photos by Mark Reinstein-Corbis via Getty Images/ Buzzfeed via Ron M Estes Campaign

Kansas voters participating in the Republican primary will have two choices for Kansas's 4th Congressional District, Ron Estes or Ron Estes.

Rep. Ron Estes narrowly squeaked out a win in last years special election over progressive Democrat James Thompson and now it looks like he's in for a run to keep the parties nomination. Certainly Ron M. Estes isn't helping matters. Although the two candidates share a name that's about all they have in common. Rep Ron and Ron M disagree on almost all the issues.

So much so that Rep. Ron thinks Ron M is only running to confuse people. In his radio ads a woman's voice is heard saying:

Did you know that when you vote in the Republican primary on Aug. 7, there will be two Ron Esteses on the ballot? One is the conservative champion, Rep. Ron Estes. The other is an imposter candidate, Ron M. Estes, who is running just to deceive voters. Luckily, Kansans are smart enough to recognize this deception. When you see the two Ron Esteses on the ballot, remember that M is for 'Misleading.'

Ron M. came back with his own ad claiming "M" is for Merica.

Estes and Estes may not find is amusing but Twitter is getting a laugh.

People were making predictions.

Democrats only wanted one thing.

Estes or Estes make sure you get out and vote. It matters!

H/T: The Wichita Eagle, Buzzfeed Buzzfeed