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John Leguizamo Offers Stark Reminder To Trump-Supporting Latinos In Mic Drop Rant

The actor appeared on 'The Daily Show' to remind Latino Trump voters that Trump 'doesn’t like us, and he doesn’t want us here.'

John Leguizamo; Donald Trump
The Daily Show, Jeenah Moon-Pool/Getty Images

Actor John Leguizamo warned voters not to be deceived by the recent New York Times/Siena poll results showing that Latino voters favored former Republican President Donald Trump over Democratic President Joe Biden despite conflicting immigration policies.

In The Daily Show's "In My Opinion" segment, the John Wick actor said what was most disturbing to him in this election was the fact that Trump's "lazy a**" strategy of not prioritizing getting the Latino vote was working.

The NYT/Siena poll showed that 46% of registered Hispanic voters wanted Trump to be the President over Biden by a six point margin.

The disappointing poll results prompted Leguizamo to take his aggression out pounding on and eviscerating a small horse piñata while shouting Spanish expletives.

"It looks like the Democrats are in trouble," he told viewers after collecting himself.

“And you might be thinking, how is this possible? ‘Build the wall’ Donald Trump? ‘Mass deportations’ Donald Trump? ‘Guy who thinks Daddy Yankee is a baseball player’ Donald Trump?”

He continued:

“But the truth is, in 2024, Latino voters have something else on their minds."

He cut to an MSNBC news clip indicating that the number one issue among Latino voters was inflation and the economy.

A news reporter pointed out that 54% of Latino voters, according to a US survey polling them, ranked inflation and the rising cost of living as one of the demographic's top three issues over healthcare, crime, and immigration.

You can watch the segment here.

Will Trump Get the Latino Vote? John Leguizamo Hopes to God No | The Daily

But if you ask him, Leguizamo asserted that Trump is not the person to fix the nation's rising inflation problem.

"Here's what you can count on though," he said, adding:

"No matter what Trump says about inflation, he doesn't like us and he doesn’t want us here."

The actor showed a CNN clip quoting a New York Times article in which Trump asked:

"Why can't we allow people to come in from nice countries, you know like Denmark, Switzerland?”

Leguizamo coyly addressed Trump and said:

“Donald, stop beating around the bush. We want nice people, Swiss people, ski instructors, Wes Anderson fans."
"Just say ‘white people."

Hear, hear.

Yahoo News found that the NYT/Sienna poll results were "an outlier compared to in-depth surveys of Hispanic voters."

Pollsters found that getting accurate polling from Hispanic communities was difficult, as reaching out to disconnected voters in rural areas and conducting bilingual surveys can be costly.

The news outlet also noted that, according to the Pew Research Center, 24% of Latinos prefer getting their news in Spanish while 21% do get their news in Spanish.

Leguizamo concluded the segment by addressing his fellow Latino brothers and sisters, saying:

"I know you think Trump is your guy on inflation. But let's be smart about it, okay?"
"Because if Joe Biden wants to win, he really does need us badly."

"But when you consider the alternative, we may need him too because if Trump wins, the only happy Latinos will be the salsa band he's J*rking off," he said, referring to his earlier mockery of Trump's dancing with his fists at rallies.