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Man Who Expertly Heckled White Supremacists During D.C. Rally Becomes Internet Hero

Joe Flood taunted Patriot Front members with well-timed heckles during their rally on the National Mall over the weekend.

Patriot Front protesters; Joe Flood on redbike counterprotesting; tweet by Mark Hamill 'Thank you for your service. 👍'
@mrsmisanthrope2/TikTok; @MarkHamill/Twitter

A man on a red bicycle heckled a Patriot Front march in Washington DC over the weekend, and the internet is absolutely loving the insults he was flinging, such as:

"Show your face, losers!"
"You wear Walmart khakis!"
"No one likes you. Your Mom hates you. Your friends hate you!"
"You're sloppy! You're not even matching! Cargo shorts are out!"


"You look like General Custer's illegitimate son!"

Mrs. Misanthrope—@mrsmisanthrope2 on TikTok—shared a supercut of the heckling highlights you can watch here:

The video was reshared, stitched by other TikTokers and cross-posted to other social media platforms including Reddit, Instagram and Twitter.

After the post went viral, conservatives refuted the claim the members of the Patriot Front were members of the Patriot Front.

Mrs. Misanthrope returned to answer those right-wing claims.

Despite the right-wing claims Patriot Front members weren't Patriot Front members, internet sleuths identified the heckler as Joe Flood.

Unaware he was being filmed, Flood was surprised by his sudden fame.

He chose to roll with it, though.

And got some pretty impressive kudos.

Twitter users hailed Flood as a hero, while laughing hysterically at the insults he hurled at the White supremacist group.

For those unfamiliar with the group, Patriot Front is a White supremacist/White nationalist group whose manifesto calls for "the creation of a White ethnostate."

It has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

Flood heckling their group was nothing short of a public service.