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West Virginia Governor Blames 'Audio Glitch' After Dropping What Sounded Like An F-Bomb During News Briefing

Governors all around the country are urging their citizens to take social distancing measures seriously.

It seems some of them can't contain their passion for the issue.

During a recent press conference, West Virginia Republican Governor Jim Justice offered a piece of advice to local businesses that certainly sounded like it featured some colorful language.

Twitter wished every statement could have similar flair.

The moment was immediately turned into a meme by the internet.

One person who wasn't as thrilled by the video was Governor Justice.

He issued another statement saying the mishap was caused by an "audio glitch."

Unfortunately, Twitter preferred the original version of the audio.

Many West Virginians had never been prouder of their Governor.

Of course, many others couldn't help but remember when Governor Justice urged West Virginia residents to visit their local Bob Evans when many other states were beginning to close down.

At least during these tough times, fate has delivered this moment of joy.

To the business owners of West Virginia, please take note of Governor Justice's advice.

He's very serious about it.

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