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Jesse McLaren Passionately Defends 'The Last Jedi' Over Criticism

Jesse McLaren Passionately Defends 'The Last Jedi' Over Criticism

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opened to mostly favorable reviews, but a handful of critics griped about some plot inconsistencies and got under Buzzfeed "producer" Jesse McLaren's skin. His ensuing Twitter tirade defending the latest installment of the trilogy sequel proved the force was strong with this one.

McLaren believes the much-chastised prequels to the original Star Wars trilogy were far worse than The Last Jedi.

It's impossible to please every fan geek of Star Wars, but there are bound to be some flaws in these new additions to the franchise.

According to an article on the backlash of The Last Jedi, Den of Geek wrote, "It’s a shame that anger has become quite so cut and paste, when the rest of us just want to love every film we watch, realizing that nothing is perfect and it’s healthy to have a difference of opinion."

Without giving away spoilers, much of the criticism stemmed from the fact that The Last Jedi failed to continue with some of The Force Awakens' plot points, and McLaren wasn't having any of it.

The space diner was the least of the film's problems.

Even Mark Hamill publicly acknowledged he didn't like director Rian Johnson's take on Luke Skywalker as someone who believes he would cause more harm than good.

So when people bemoaned Luke Skywalker's minimal screen time, McLaren pretty much told fans to get over it.

This tweet hints at a spoiler.

He had a comeback for every complaint, including this one about Princess Leia.

He was so offended; he attacked the whiners.

The egregious prequels seriously scarred this guy.

There were consequences.

The thread sparked an interesting debate, with those defending the prequels coming forward. "Well TFA and TLJ are the reason why people realize the prequels were pretty ok," wrote @cinematoracle. He added, "Prequels have innovative imagination, the reason why Star Wars is what it is now. Sequels don’t have it.

When @cinematoracle was challenged with the question of having imagination automatically making something good, he countered, "Not by definition but it does establish the alternate universe it takes place in . It’s a pivotal element to be a good Star Wars feature. Having that imagination makes it a hot mess instead of being just a mess like the sequels."

Some were completely on board with McLaren's rant.

This user felt the sequel trilogy repaired the damage that the prequels inflicted upon fans.

Nothing is surprising anymore.

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