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James Comey's Fake Presidential Run Announcement On April Fools' Day Turned Out To Be A Great Meme

James Comey's Fake Presidential Run Announcement On April Fools' Day Turned Out To Be A Great Meme
Mark Wilson/Getty Images, @Carrasquillo/Twitter, @KFILE/Twitter

Former FBI director James Comey punk'd followers on Twitter by implying he was casting his bid as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Of course, we were too keen to be duped by his Jimfoolery. However, his April Fools' Day joke became effective in ways he could never have imagined.

Users meme'd the heck out of yet another one of his famous tweets that includes a contemplative photo of himself.

In the reflective portrait, Comey stands in the middle of a road with his back to us and eyes on the horizon as the day is dawning.

He wrote:

"I'm in. We need someone in the middle. #2020."

Twitter suggested some famous candidates in the "middle" and they sure do fit the bill.

Malcolm finally gets the call for the position he was born to be in.

Remember the fifth member of The Beatles? We don't either. Ah, the internet.

However, it does look like we have a middle candidate in Ringo. (Click on the photo below and you'll see Jim leading the pack).

Here's the story:

Even the middle child's candidacy was debatable.

Look, we don't need a repeat of a joker in the White House.

We also don't anyone lost at sea helming this sinking ship.

This one has middling capability.

It's all maddening.

The campaign trail can be brutal.

If the ring fits.

Comey owned up to his "dad joke" and encouraged everyone to vote for Democrats.

"But could you imagine a president who used this website to make dad jokes rather than to hurl insults? Happy #AprilFools. #VoteDem2020."

It's hard to take Comey seriously even when he is not joking. The 58-year-old is notorious for posting contemplative photos accompanied by deep thoughts that are often seen as cringeworthy.

After Attorney General William Barr released the four-page summary of Robert Mueller's findings, Comey shared his thoughts with Twitter.

This is our current mood.

The road to 2020 is already a dramatic one. And that's no joke.