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John Krasinski Just Entered The Feud Between Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman With Some 'Blackmail' Of His Own

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's never-ending Twitter feud entered a new chapter this past Sunday, October 20, when actor John Krasinski entered the fray.

It all began when Krasinski tweeted out a picture of his wife, Emily Blunt, canoodling with Hugh Jackman on the red carpet.

Obviously, John needed some advice.

Reynolds, as always, jumped at the chance to take a shot at Jackman.

This time, however, Jackman struck back.

Fans couldn't believe Krasinski had been dragged into the fight.

Each member of the feud had their supporters.

Many on Twitter hoped the Reynolds/Jackman friendship would someday blossom into something beautiful.

Others were just excited to see the next phase of the relentless back-and-forth.

The real winner in this scenario is, of course, Emily Blunt.

With a little bit of luck, this fight will spill into a movie we can all someday watch.

Krasinski and Reynold's alliance has already moved to the real world:

Fingers crossed Hugh Jackman makes a cameo appearance as Ryan Reynold's mortal enemy.

Meanwhile, you can watch Emily Blunt star as the nanny of everyone's dreams in Mary Poppins Returns, available here.


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