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Ivanka Dragged For Blanking On Job Title Of Man Who's Been Trump Org's Bookkeeper For Decades

Ivanka Dragged For Blanking On Job Title Of Man Who's Been Trump Org's Bookkeeper For Decades
Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Trump family takes their labor for granted—this we know, after various records showed Donald Trump refused to pay people for a variety of services, from construction to legal fees.

That mindset apparently extends down a generation, as sworn testimony by his daughter, Ivanka Trump, shows.

In a deposition concerning a Trump Organization official who is currently under criminal investigation by the New York Attorney General's office, Ivanka visibly fumbled and appeared confused at the mention of his name.

The official in question, CFO Allen Weisselberg, worked for the Trump Organization since the 1970s.

Former confidante of Melania Trump—exposé author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff—shared excerpts from Trump family depositions on Twitter.

The former Trump inauguration staffer shared her insights as well.

Ivanka, when asked "Who is Allen Weisselberg?" in the deposition, responded:

"He is the—I would have to see what his, his—I don't know his exact title but he's an executive at the company."

The information on who Weisselberg is in the Trump Organization—CFO—should be easy to remember for another company executive.

Ivanka Trump served as the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization since 2005, 16 years ago.

Former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, has said Ivanka's father, former President Donald Trump, trained her to respond with inefficient answers.

Weisselberg's personal tax returns remain under investigation by the NY Attorney General, in hopes of getting the bookkeeper to flip on and testify against both the Trump Organization and Donald Trump himself.

Will the pressure work, and at trial, will Ivanka remember who her father is?