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The Internet Just Helped Solve A Fatal Hit And Run Case Off Of A Single Photo 😮

Screenshot Twitter @wspd1pio

The people stepped up to help solve a deadly crime.

Trooper Johnna Batiste of Washington State Police needed some help catching a hit-and-run driver.

So she sent out a picture of a car part. The mystery part was part of the crime scene and believed to be a link to the unidentified driver suspected of killing a cyclist. Batiste also included a photo of the destroyed bike.

After the tweet found it's way to Reddit to a sub-category "What Is This Thing", is when a user JeffNuts, a former Maryland state inspector was able to identify the part at part of the headlamp from 1988 Chevrolet Silverado truck.

Screenshot Reddit

Shockingly, a few days later Trooper Batiste posted again that because of the tip, they had arrested the suspect.

People were feeling pretty proud of the internet.

With a special shout out going to the man himself.

Citizen team work for the win.

H/T: Indy100, Bored Panda

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