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The Internet Is Very Confused by the New York Times' Newest Recipe

The Internet Is Very Confused by the New York Times' Newest Recipe
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On April 6, 2018, The New York Times ended the culinary world as we know it. They published a recipe in their Friday issue that has left readers perplexed, disgusted, and, honestly, a bit scared. Have you ever tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich? One of the most prominent publications in the United States is now recommending it as a tasty treat.

Why would the NYT do this? Twitter brainstormed some explanations.

Regardless, the internet did NOT approve.

Even some New York Times staff were pretty upset by the recipe.

But just when it seemed the recipe was universally abhorred, fans began creeping out of the woodwork.

And sure enough, before long people began getting curious...

The author of the recipe penned an essay about PB&P sandwiches for the NYT in 2012. He describes them as an American classic:

My father passed them down to me. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches got him through law school at West Virginia University. I've come to consider them the work-at-home writer's friend. The ingredients are always there for you, waiting loyally in the pantry when more glamorous lunch options (cold cuts, leftovers) aren't returning your calls.

The PB&P has been a minority enthusiasm in America for generations, lingering just under the radar. The sandwiches appeared on lunch-counter menus during the Great Depression and in extension-service cookbooks in the 1930s and '40s in recipes that generally called for a few spoonfuls of pickle relish. A lot of people's grandmothers used to eat them.

Despite this, many retained their...skepticism.

Some believe it's the worst recipe the Times has ever suggested.

And this isn't even the first time in recent memory the NYT has suggested culinary madness.

Which led one Twitter user to a novel idea!

In summary:

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