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An IKEA Demonstrates Holiday Spirit By Taking In Stray Dogs From The Cold—And It's Cuteness Overload

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A story out of Italy is warming hearts this cold winter.

An Ikea store in Catania has opened up its doors to strays. No, not lost Christmas shoppers, stray dogs. With the colder weather the store as an open policy for the homeless canines to come in and warm up. The dogs are provided rugs to lie on and the staff have taken to grooming and feeding them.

The story gets even better since some of the dogs have found forever homes with the workers. A Facebook, showing the dogs has since gone viral. The captions reads:

"A good initiative to shelter the strays while it's raining outside. Do we want to applaud this Civilisation?"

IKEA has also partnered with 'Home for Hope' to help match homeless animals with families.

IKEA: Home for Hope

And more folks posted photos on Instagram.

People are getting the warm fuzzies.

Great job, Ikea!

H/T: Insider, ABC