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Hulk Hogan Is in Talks About Returning to the WWE After Being Blacklisted in 2015

Hulk Hogan Is in Talks About Returning to the WWE After Being Blacklisted in 2015
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The last time Hulk Hogan made the news was in 2015 when his racist tirade against his daughter's then African American boyfriend was caught on tape.

The WWE promptly fired the wrestling personality and scrubbed any references to Hogan off their various social media platforms, including his profile from their alumni page.

Three years later, the WWE is in talks with the 64-year-old about his return to the company.

The WWE has yet to determine what role Hogan would assume upon his impending return.

Fans went down for the count and were flat-out flabbergasted when Radar and The National Enquirer learned about an unauthorized sex tape from 2006 in which Hogan spewed hate speech.

I mean, I'd rather if she was going to f–k some n—-r, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n—-r worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we're all a little racist. F–king n—-r.

The pro-wrestling icon, whose real name is Terry Bollea, told Heather Clem – the wife of his former friend and radio personality Bubba a.k.a "The Love Sponge" – that, "I guess we're all a little racist."

Hogan sued after the website posted Bubba's covertly filmed footage of them sleeping together.

The WWE issued a statement in response to PWInsider's inquiry about the details of what went down regarding Hogan's scandal.

Hogan also sued Heather Clem and Mike "Cowhead" Calta, a local radio DJ in Florida who at one point, worked for Bubba the Love Sponge. The tapes were leaked after a series of events that began when Bubba's marriage with Heather ended. To safeguard the tapes, Bubba moved them to his radio office, where they were later stolen. The existence of the tapes became known when attempts were made to sell them different news organizations. Gawker claimed that the sex tape was delivered to their office by persons unknown, leading to the website publishing a review and footage from the video.

Hogan filed a second lawsuit against Gawker in the wake of his WWE firing, alleging the outlet had purposely leaked the transcript of Hogan's 2006 rant to ruin his wrestling career. In that second lawsuit, Hogan alleged that Gawker had been threatening to release the transcript of his comments, for some time before they came out. The lawsuit claims that then-Gawker head Nick Denton wrote online that Hogan's "real secrets" would be coming out while then-Gawker Editor AJ Daulerio (who published the sex tape video clips alongside his review) Tweeted "XOXO" with a link to the National Enquirer's article about the Hogan rant.

No contracts were signed, but the reconciliation between Hogan and the WWE came out of the pro-wrestler's wanting to help others learn from their mistakes.

Hogan returning as an ambassador or being a partner for Braun Strowman for the upcoming "Wrestlemania" are possible positions available to him. The idea of Hulk Hogan being a part of a list of big names for the " Greatest Royal Rumble" in Saudi Arabia is also being kicked around.

Loyal fans think he deserves another chance.

And others are opposed to his return.

Whatever ends up happening, hopefully we won't be seeing a 64-year-old man do this:

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