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Fox News Contributor's Horrifying Attempt At Queso Gets Hilariously Roasted With Memes

@DanaPerino/Twitter, @HoarseWisperer/Twitter

Fox News anchor Dana Perino attempted her hand at crockpot queso, and the result was anything but appetizing.

Anyone who is from the South knows the magic of queso.

Unlike the actual melted cheese blends served at authentic Mexican restaurants, queso is a dip. You could go so far as to call it liquid gold.

There is much debate as to whether the delicious appetizer originated in Arkansas or Texas (definitely Arkansas), but it is a staple within all Tex Mex restaurants, and even some non-Mexican restaurants in the South.

The dip is often served at sporting events, one of the most important being the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to the queso in question. On Sunday evening, George W. Bush's former Press Secretary, Dana Perino, took to Twitter to claim that she had made the cheesy goodness.

She posted a photo of her crockpot (a common tool used for the go-to, but somewhat mediocre Velveeta/Rotel recipe of queso) filled with what she considered to be "queso."

Hint, if you have never had the superior privilege of eating proper queso, Dana Perino's concoction is NOT it.

In fact, the supposed queso (I flinch even calling it that) has shocked and offended queso lovers so deeply that they held back not one bit from going after Perino for her misguided attempt.

The well-deserved mockery took many disturbing forms:

Politics came into the discussion.

To one user, Perino's queso may indeed have been a weapon of singular destruction.

I think I need to go make a vat of queso to soothe my trembling taste buds.