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Homophobic Guy Gets Dragged After Throwing Epic Tantrum Over Pride Crosswalk In Viral Video

Homophobic Guy Gets Dragged After Throwing Epic Tantrum Over Pride Crosswalk In Viral Video

A crosswalk painting in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada was nearly ruined when a man wearing a cowboy hat attempted to interrupt the drying process by letting traffic run through.

A video of the incident, posted to the PublicFreakout subReddit, showed the man forcefully pulling a wooden traffic barrier apart before being confronted by the volunteers who had worked on the crosswalk.

You can see the video here:

After he loudly told people "they don't own this f'king property," the man was informed the city does and the people painting acquired a permit.

Given his first argument got him nowhere, the man shifted gears and offered some unsolicited, more general commentary.

"You know what? You guys are getting absolutely stupid."

He then attempted to move the barriers again, but was stopped.

When he noticed he was being filmed, he looked directly into the camera and called the group "a bunch of a**holes."

The video closed with a separate clip of the man's later interaction with a police officer.

According to a report from the Saskatoon Police Service, the man was arrested and charged with causing a disturbance. He's due in court in late November.

Redditors who viewed the video couldn't believe the man's behavior.

"I'm not saying you have to fully support everyone you meet but it's not hard to not be a f'king a**hole whenever you see something that doesn't affect you at all" -- Thicc_Nekk

"I wonder if he rages at rainbows in the sky after a nice rain." -- Endless__Soul

"No Country For Old Men" -- Tekmologyfucz

"Totally no deep-seated issues in that psyche. Nope. Very well adjusted normal person behavior" -- wubbstepp

"It made me laugh when one of them said 'no thank you' in the beginning to his behavior."

"Literally something I say to my preschool students when they do something that they're not supposed to." -- XiaoWonton

"Why are people so thin-skinned and sensitive?"

"The colour of the sidewalk doesn't affect your life at all, just keep walking smh" -- espaguetisbrazos

Thankfully, the man wasn't able to ruin the drying process.

Despite his efforts, Saskatoon residents and visitors will have a new rainbow crosswalk to enjoy.