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Woman Stunned After Guy She Met On Dating App Chastises Her For Calling Herself A 'Dog Mom'

Woman Stunned After Guy She Met On Dating App Chastises Her For Calling Herself A 'Dog Mom'

A woman has gone viral in TikTok for posting about her bizarre date.

TikToker Kristen Beatty (@kristenbeatty24) has made headlines for exposing cringey exchanges she had with a man she met on a dating app.

Beatty is known for her four-video TikTok saga that details her interactions with a date she met on the popular dating app Hinge.

The TikTok series, titled "Maybe: Brad" in reference to an iPhone feature that can retrieve names of iPhone users for the sake of identifying unsaved contacts, has become a viral sensation on the social media video platform, garnering over 913,000 views.

As it turns out, Beatty's Hinge match was a tenant in her own apartment complex. They went on a couple of typical dates before everything changed for the worse.

Their interactions suddenly went from friendly to hostile when Beatty brought up a particular subject.

Beatty and her date began talking about their lives and their interests. Beatty began talking about her dog and the fact that it was National Dog Mom Day.

While this may seem like a typical conversation, Beatty's date began relentlessly berating her about her choice of words, saying that pet owners shouldn't identify themselves as "parents."

Watch the videos here:


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In the videos, Beatty discusses her experiences from these interactions.

He argued that raising human children was "more rewarding" than raising pets, saying:

"I admire real moms."

Beatty responded to this sentiment with well-placed sarcasm:

"Apparently, that's what's wrong with the world today."

Beatty continues:

"And then he said 'Bye,' and continued the conversation just to tell me that I'm wrong."

As the video series continues, Beatty began showing screenshots of her date incessantly berating her over pet parenting:

"Seriously, why dog mom?"

At this point, Beatty is attempting to end the conversation, but he keeps pushing his point.

Then, the guy begins to argue that identifying as a "dog mom" is only something that liberals do...What?

He said:

"Liberal individuals have the tendency to consider animals as human."
"So when they have a pet they consider themselves a parent of that animal. Whereas conservatives and those who are moderate like myself do not have that kind of mentality."

In the final video, Beatty tells her followers how her date texted her for days on end, saying that she was "what's wrong with society."

TikTok users are both outraged at and in awe of the audacity of this man.

Possibly the strangest part of the story is that after sending these abrasive messages, "Brad" reportedly even texted Beatty yet again, asking if she wanted to go out somewhere as if nothing had happened.

After being endlessly antagonized by her former "date," Beatty says she has since refused to respond to him any further. Guess it's time to reinstall those dating apps!