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British Billionaire's Friend Reveals Chilling Final Text Before Titanic-Bound Sub Went Missing

Hamish Harding sent a friend a text about the bad weather that delayed his voyage on the OceanGate Expedition sub to view the Titanic wreckage a day before the submersible went missing.

Hamish Harding
Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images

British Billionaire Hamish Harding, who was aboard the OceanGate Expedition vessel en route to view the Titanic wreckage, sent his friend a chilling text the day before the sub went missing.

OceanGate Expeditions offers private eight-day tours of the wreckage site for $250k per person.

The vessel was reported missing Sunday night when it didn't return to its support ship on time.

Harding's friend, retired NASA astronaut Col. Terry Virts, shared with Good Morning Britain that Harding sent a concerning text the day before the submersible went missing.

It read:

“Hey, we’re headed out tomorrow, it looks good, the weather’s been bad so they’ve been waiting for this."

Harding himself shared his excitement on Instagram before his voyage, revealing that a "weather window" had opened up after what he said was Newfoundland's worst winter in 40 years.

Virts acknowledged that Harding was aware of the risks associated with the voyage.

“He understood the risks for sure, there’s no doubt about that."

He also shared Harding's other risk-associated accomplishments.

“He went down to the deepest part of the ocean, set a few world the Mariana Trench and we talked quite a bit about the risks and the different things that they were going to be able to do."
"So he was very excited about it."

Additionally, Harding has made trips to the South Pole and visited space on the Blue Origin mission last year.

You can watch Virt's interview with Good Morning Britain below.

Chilling last text of British billionaire stuck in missing Titanic sub

People around the world are hoping for a positive outcome.

The four others on board the vessel with Harding are Shanzada Dawood, 48, and his son Sulaiman, 19, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, 77, and Stockton Rush, 61, the founder and CEO of OceanGate.

You can lean more about the situation below.

UK billionaire Hamish Harding on board the missing Titanic