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Guy Dragged After Attempting To Steal Lesbians' Pride Flag And Failing Embarrassingly Hard


A TikTok video showed a man wearing a pink shirt around his head as a mask trying to steal a Pride flag from the outside of a woman's house, only to be completely and totally unable to execute his bad act.

In the video, the guy tries—hard—to detach the flag from its resting place only to find that he is unable to move it.

He consistently looks around, clearly embarrassed.


kid tries and fails to steal my pride flag#fail #pride #rainbow #getoffmylawn #ohnowyouwannawearamask

In a follow-up video, the woman who owns the flag showed how she was able to keep the flag waving strong without anybody being able to mess with it.

A simple carabiner rigging inserted into a small space in the upper garage space is what kept the flag in place. The guy who tried to steal the flag was unable to locate it.


Reply to @maybeitsjohntre #blm #blacklivesmatter #pride

The guy's complete failure was the subject of plenty of schadenfreude from Twitter.

People on TikTok commented that "You will NOT out-construct a pair of lesbians," in reference to the woman and her partner's foolproof construction to keep their pride flag in place.

And in response to him covering his face, the woman hashtagged #ohNOWyouwanttowearamask, in reference to the fact that this person, a likely Trump supporter by the observations of others, was also most likely an anti-masker.

In any case, the score is-homophobes, zero. Lesbians with carabiners, 1.

Though Pride Month may be over, queer people can find reason to have pride every day.