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Woman Expertly Trolls Random Guy Who Sent Her Unsolicited Explicit Photos On Instagram

Woman Expertly Trolls Random Guy Who Sent Her Unsolicited Explicit Photos On Instagram

A woman came up with and shared a brilliant tactic that could discourage men from sending unsolicited nude photos for good.

Chantay Joseph, a.k.a. @ChantayyJayy on Twitter, is a writer and content creator whose correspondence with a guy online veered off in an untoward direction.

The guy sent a nude photo of his tattooed physique with one leg up on a table, flexing his biceps, and letting his manhood dangle in full view.

This is a prime example of what is colloquially known as a "dick pic," where a dude assumes his family jewels are so impressive that he's compelled to show them off, even though it was never requested.

Turned off by his audaciousness Joseph fabricated a fake, automated response that indicated the offensive exhibitionist was under police investigation for sending the pic.

"I just had to try it," she tweeted, adding, "This man will never send unsolicited dick pics again!!!!!"


Her tweet was of screenshots from their conversation, including her fierce trolling method, which read:

"AUTO-REPLY: We have detected the transmission of unsolicited pornographic images of potentially illegal nature [code:36489-a] and your device's IP address has been forwarded to the police pending an investigation. If you think this is a mistake, reply STOP."


The deceptive message seemed to convince the narcissist that he and his member were in trouble.

"STOP" he frantically responded.

This prompted Joseph to re-send the bogus message, to which he wrote:

"hello get on your phone STOP get pn [sic] your phone quick."
"Stop. I know you were there rn stop this bxtch [sic]."
"What do you want."


For further reinforcement, she sent a follow-up automated response, which read:

"AUTO-REPLY: Your address and online information have been forwarded to the police. Please expect correspondence in relation to [code:36489-a] shortly. If you think this is a mistake, reply HELP."


The guy immediately texted, "HELP," as prompted in the message.

He continued panicking:

"Bxtch get on the phone quick. Help."
"If you took a screenshot of this yourself delete it rn."

She ended the convo for good by blocking him.

People praised Joseph for her clever ploy, and they remained in stitches over his apparent emotional unraveling and desperate plea for "HELP."

One user noted something peculiar about his discretionary priorities.


It turns out this guy has an online reputation as a serial offender. Some women recognized him from the uncensored photo Joseph posted of his face.

One woman came forward after recognizing him and shared her story of how she was harassed by the same person.

Twitter user Cara Lisette, a mental health blogger, managed to inspire a group of women online to extract a public apology from him. But sadly, it would be to no avail.

She said of the guy:

"He's famous in his country. There's even a HuffPost article about him and he issued me a public video apology a few weeks back."
"Serial offender unfortunately that isn't learning his lesson no matter what we do."

On August 18, Lisette shared the man's apology video for "flashing my dick" before it was no longer available.

But his show of sincerity went out the window, given the fact that Joseph's interaction with him was more recent.

But now that she made him squirm in fear with her clever trick, he would hopefully stop his cyberflashing.

Joseph later talked about the harassment, saying:

"Simply scolding someone and blocking them isn't enough to get people to stop sexually harassing women like this. People need to feel the consequences of their actions, it needs to be personalized."
"Also social media companies are really bad at filtering this sort of content and this message proved how to easy it is to really shake someone out of bad behaviour by enforcing rules!"

She added:

"It's funny to watch people squirm at their own bad behaviour. I feel like I needed a small sense of justice even if it didn't lead to anything bigger."