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screenshots of Lego store employees from

LGBTQ+ friendly alcohol hate had its moment with the Bud Light backlash 5⅝—now homophobes are coming for your flair.

In a wonderfully failed documented tantrum at a LEGO store, conservative personality John K. Amanchukwu, Sr. caused a scene and berated innocent employees because they were wearing gay Pride pins on their aprons.

While the man-child's behavior towards the employees was awful in itself, he didn't stop at belligerence.

Amanchukwu continued to yell and use inappropriate language in a public store full of children.

He shouted at employees:

“Do you think children care about what man sucks d*cks at home, and what girl eats vaginas at home?”

We're sorry, what?

The employee calmly countered:

“I don’t think they think about that, personally."

His tantrum continued:

"Right. They think about it when they see your pin."

Ummm, sounds like Amanchukwu think about it.

Security was called, but Amanchukwu continued to argue, trying to garner a form of agreement from anyone.

Spoiler: they weren't having it, either.Amanchukwu

The conservative provocateur 4eventually left, but not before accusing the employees of "pedophilia," "grooming" and "child abuse."

For a pin.

Amanchukwu's post was removed for violating Twitter's rules, but conservative TV host Charlie Kirk also tweeted the video with the caption:

"WATCH: This father confronts LEGO for promoting LGBTQ agenda to children, then gets thrown out by store security."
"Why is LEGO doing this when its products are designed for children?"

WARNING: NSFW language

Unfortunately for the homophobes—but fortunately for all of mankind—the tweet completely backfired.

Viewers put the bigots in their rightful place.

Many gave props to the employees for remaining calm in the face of a hate-filled homophobe's rant.

The majority called out the man, not only for his use of vulgar language around children, but also for equating a Progress Pride flag to sexual acts.


But we think LEGO already made it pretty clear:

"Everyone is awesome!"

*with some exceptions*