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Guy Sends Woman Who Is Ignoring Him A 'Wrong Text' That Has Us Cringing And Laughing At The Same Time πŸ˜‚

Twitter Mariah/ Twitter Queen Moe

Buzzfeed is reporting that woman on Twitter spotted this fake "mistake" from a man who couldn't take a hint.

Mariah White says she met the man while driving for a car company and they discussed professional topics. She admits that texting him her name so he could look her up on Linkedin was a possible mistake, but the middle-aged man misinterpreted her intentions.

When she began getting random texts, White realized he wasn't interested in work related topics and so she ignored him.

White told Buzzfeed:

"We had a really good polite conversation about my unique major, the university, being the only black people in our departments, stuff like that."

And then after not responding to numerous messages, she received this message:

"Hey mom... I just transferred $2800.00 to your account.... you should have told me sooner that you needed help... text me when you get you!"

White chose to share the text with Twitter.

Twitter Mariah

Twitter got a giggle out of the attempt.

One man decided to try his luck.

Some people thought White was playing games to get attention.

White said she knew it was a fake attempt because:

"What are the odds that M-Ariah and M-Om are right next to each other in the contact list? It just did not add up."

But others weren't so sure.

But... mostly... people were having... trouble with the... overuse of ellipses.

And then there was this extremely honest tweet.

Maybe it wasn't about the money. Maybe it was to show he loved his mother.