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Jealous Guy Sends Girlfriend Insane List Of Rules For Her Night Out, And People Aren't Having Any Of It

stock-eye/Getty Images // Zoe Scholefield

In 1963, singer Lesley Gore debuted an astronomical hit song that still remains popular today.

Entitled You Don't Own Me, it features a woman determined to live her life unfettered, without asking for permission, welcoming the object of her affection to give her the respect to do so.

Zoe Scholefield's ex-boyfriend apparently never heard that song.

Scholefield, a UK native, texted the bugger to see which bands he wanted her to record during the music festival she was attending with four girlfriends.

Rather than a list of requests, he responded with a list of demands.

Zoe Scholefield

I'm sorry, what?

A dress code? Providing alibis? Sending video of your empty room?


Relationships require trust and this, broski, is not what trust looks like.

Scholefield had the good sense to end things before introducing his text with the perfect tweet.


That's right, y'all.

This man who was certain he couldn't trust Zoe, took the initiative to betray her trust first instead.

Twitter rightfully showed him the door.

Literally the only sensible advice in this garbage fire of a text is "Look after your drink." A piece of advice that still only exists because men do sh*t like this.

Hopefully, Zoe got to leave this man on "read" and enjoy her music festival.

Maybe one of the bands even played You Don't Own Me.

The best of the late Leslie Gore is available here.

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