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Guy Creates A Light-Up 'Mechanical Tulip' For His Wife That Blooms When You Caress It

@voldemortensen (Twitter); @Jiří Praus (Twitter)

Husbands around the world, ya'll really need to step up your game.

Self-described "hardware maker" Jiří Praus is taking Valentine's Day gifts to the next level.

He decided to build a "mechanical tulip" for his wife that lights up once it's caressed.

Praus wrote on social media:

"It's done! Mechanical tulip as a present for my wife. When caressed it blooms into various colors. And will never fade."

See his creation in action below:

This thing is really gorgeous and we want one IMMEDIATELY.

Praus's "mechflower" can seemingly do it all.

He also gave his followers a view of its structure. As you can see, it's been remarkably constructed:

Want to know more about how it works? Here you go:

The "mechflower" is "controlled by @arduino Nano. Moved by a servo. And light up by 7 @adafruit NeoPixels and 30 SMD bright white LEDs," Praus wrote.

People loved it. It's the perfect, romantic gift.

At least one person issued a warning, though... if the contents of this article seemingly disappear, at least you have an answer.