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Guy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend After She Mocks Him For Not Knowing Where Women Pee From

Guy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend After She Mocks Him For Not Knowing Where Women Pee From
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Women's anatomy remains a mystery to most men.

Somehow this is also the case for straight men, as a man found out the hard way when he had no idea that the vagina and the urethra were separate orifices and the clitoris was not the same as a penis.

On the popular Reddit forum "Am I The A**hole?" or "AITA," a young woman wondered if she was in the wrong for making fun of her boyfriend's lack of knowledge.

Redditor peefromclit asked the forum:

"AITA for calling my boyfriend an idiot when he said that women pee from the clit?"

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The conversation began innocuously enough:

"So today my boyfriend and I were talking and I mentioned that a homeless guy peed in my driveway. I then said that I wished I had the ability and the confidence to pee in someone's driveway(as a joke obviously). He then said that there's no reason I can't, just do it."

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But then boyfriend insisted upon his very limited knowledge of how women's bodies work:

"I asked how he proposed I do that without getting naked in the street, and he said I could just pull down my pants a little and aim forwards. The conversation continued like this in a stupid way until he finally said something about how women pee out of the clit. I burst out laughing and said that I didn't think he was an idiot(also as a joke)."

Spoiler alert: she did think he was an idiot.

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And then he got all mad:

"He then got really pissed off and hung up. I texted him and he said he was mad that I called him an idiot. I mean come on, really? Who thinks women pee out of the clit? Who even told him that? He's 20, not 12! AITA?"

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The worst part came in an update:

"Update: well he broke up with me... so... there's that."

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Redditors showed up en masse to tell our original poster, or "OP," that she was certainly not to blame for her boyfriend's lack of knowledge.

Folks determined how to assign blame by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here
"NTA, both women and men both have urethras. But in all honesty, you'd be surprised just how ignorant some people are about anatomy."~Thrwforksandknives
"NTA, I can see where he is coming from in a sense but like has he never seen a clitoris? There's no hole. This is anatomy 101."~sparnyarn56
"NTA. And I am shocked at the amount of people here claiming it's not common knowledge! I don't care what they taught or didn't teach you at school, if you're old enough to type up garbage on the internet, you're old enough to educate yourself about basic human anatomy all on your own. If you don't do that, yes, you do deserve to be shamed and called an idiot."~steveholtismymother

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People are especially confused that he went so far as to break up with her.

"'Well he broke up with me... so... there's that.' NTA.'If he broke up with you over anatomical ignorance, it's pretty fair to extrapolate that it's ego driven. Chin up, you'll no doubt be better off with someone who isn't so emotionally fragile."~M3g4d37h
"NTA. Also the comments on this thread are depressing. Ignorant people defending ignorance. I'm in my mid 40s. I started having sex when they was no internet to answer any question a person might have. And I still was never this ignorant. Because I could read. I assume this guy can read. Plus how are men who dont know what a clitoris is getting laid. That should not happen."~cleveraccountname13
"The only AH here is American sex education. NAH but this is pretty damn funny."~KingKAnish

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"'Well he broke up with me... so... there's that.' LMAO. NTA Girl, men are so fragile. I'm sorry your relationship ended and you're probably sad, but he incorrectly mansplained your own body. You playfully teased him and he dumped you? He may be 20, but he sounds 12."~rinnerchickendinner
"He broke up with you because you called him an idiot for thinking that women pee out of their clit... I'm sorry but this guy is definitely a 12 year old and you'll be better off without him."~lissaaaaa
"NTA. If you say stupid things someone might call you stupid. Now he might educate himself which will benefit both of you."~Quick_Struggle

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Before men make blanket statements about how they believe women's bodies function, it would behoove them to do research.

Our OP's ex-boyfriend may have learned his lesson the hardest of hard ways.

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