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Gay Former Trump Official Dragged After Criticizing Biden For Picking Straight Running Mate

Milos Miskov/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, recently criticized Joe Biden's pick of Kamala Harris as his running mate, but not for the reason you might expect.

Grenell's major criticism of Harris? She's heterosexual.

Grenell, who formerly served as ambassador to Germany and acting Director of National Intelligence, currently serves as Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations.

He also happens to be gay, and apparently greatly dislikes presidential candidate Joe Biden for a comment he made 43 years ago.

In his tweet, Grenell shared a Fox News article about Biden's comments on gay people from 1973 as evidence that Biden thinks LGBTQ+ folks are security risks today.

Biden's comment from that interview 47 years ago is definitely not a ringing endorsement, but neither is it a vehement condemnation.

"My gut reaction is that [gay people] are security risks but I must admit I haven't given this much thought...I'll be darned!"

While Grenell seems to think he made a good dig at Biden and Harris, most of Twitter seemed to disagree.

Some reminded Grenell that he, by far, doesn't speak for the whole LTBTQ+ community.

Despite Grenell's assertion, Biden picking a straight woman as his running mate doesn't magically change his platform on LGBTQ+ rights.