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Everyone Is Loving This Guy's Reaction To A Trump Supporter's Anti-Immigration Rant During A Tucson City Council Meeting

If you've ever seen an episode of Parks & Rec, you'll know that city council meetings can take some unusual turns from time to time.

And in our hyper-politicized era, this seems to happen more and more often.

The real question is, how do you deal with insanity once it arises?

At a recent City Council meeting in Tucson, Arizona, one iconic man in a green shirt found the perfect way to shut down a couple of anti-immigrant protestors.

Twitter was instantly smitten with the man in green.

He couldn't stop laughing his butt off at the two anti-immigrant protestors making a scene.

His image became an icon for many people who feel the same way every day.

It turns out the man in green goes by @Alex_Kack online.

Once this was discovered, he even got some props from major celebrities!

Kack's dismissive energy reminded many of another hilarious response to anti-immigrant ideas.

Green shirt guy is perhaps the only person with a reasonable response to some of the racism being spewed in today's mainstream.

There was little doubt he would be turned into a meme before long...

Kack wasn't the only person to make an interesting impression at that Council Meeting.

If nothing else, at least the man in the green shirt has taught us all the best way to deal with unhinged ideas.

Thanks, Alex!

While it's not the same as being green shirt guy, you can share the same sentiment with this shirt, available here (in a variety of colors).