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When You Buy A Picture Of A Bridge That You Can Easily See From Your Window, You Get Roasted πŸ˜‚


Scotland's Forth Bridge located nine miles west of Edinburgh City Centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The three maroon four-tower cantilever structures are not only a marvel of engineering, it also boasts a picturesque aesthetic that is suitable for framing.

But this grandfather took his architectural obsession perhaps a tad too far.

Murphy Green's grandfather lives near the iconic bridge that has helped travelers cross the Forth from South Queensferry to North Queensferry since March 4, 1890, and he has the best scenic view of it from his window.

But, something was still missing inside his home: a blown-up photo of said iconic bridge. So, granddad managed to acquire one, much to the chagrin of his loving wife.

According to Murphy, this bridge is taking a toll on Gran.

If the photo was displayed in a postcard-sized picture frame, it would be a different story. But this is a domineering mural.

Interestingly, Twitter is bridging people's lives together. Nicholas Wymer-Santiago came across Murphy's hilarious tweet and instantly made a connection via the Forth Bridge photo.

Nicholas shared a photo of the bridge under construction from 1882 juxtaposed with the view Murphy's granddad wakes up to every morning.

Other's were amused by the grandfather's fascination with the bridge.

The question is where to hang the massive picture.

With two views of the bridge, it looks like Gran is not gonna get over it.

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