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GOP Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Assured Citizens It Was 'Incredibly Safe' To Vote While Conveniently Covered In Protective Gear


With over 2500 confirmed cases of the virus that's brought daily life in the United States to a screeching halt, Wisconsin's Democratic governor issued a stay-at-home order for residents in hopes of slowing the spread.

The order seemed at odds with the civic duty of Wisconsin voters to cast ballots in the 2020 presidential primary and for an immensely consequential state Supreme Court election, among county-wide elections for thousands of other offices.

Despite Democratic efforts to expand accessibility to absentee ballots that would allow Wisconsin residents to stay safe without foregoing their right to vote, the state Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court inexplicably found that extending the absentee ballot deadline by a week would be unconstitutional.

This was a victory for Wisconsin Republicans who—like the Republican party on a national level—win more elections when as few people as possible are permitted to vote.

Wisconsin Republicans are insisting that waiting in hours-long lines to vote is not a threat to the safety of the state's residents. The Republican Assembly Speaker for Wisconsin, Robin Vos, reiterated these claims while contradicting them with his own actions.

Watch below.

While almost completely covered in personal protective equipment only slightly less cautious than a hazmat suit, Vos said to Wisconsin voters:

"You are incredibly safe to go out."

People noticed the dissonance between the Speaker's statements and his outfit.

It would be comical if it weren't so tragically real.

Optics, man. Optics.