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The 'God Warrior' From 'Trading Spouses' Just Resurfaced On TikTok—And Fans Are Losing It

Marguerite Perrin, best known for her 'dark-sided' appearance on 'Trading Spouses' back in 2005, has made a splash on TikTok, much to her fans' delight.

Marguerite Perrin
Fox; @godwarriormarguerite/TikTok

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last couple decades, you likely remember "The God Warrior"—the woman who went on Fox's Trading Spouses back in 2005 and had an unhinged meltdown over how "dark-sided" her non-Christian host family was.

Over the years, not only the phrase "dark-sided" but the self-proclaimed God Warrior herself, Marguerite Perrin, have become perennial favorite internet memes. Most feature Perrin's over-the-top shrieking tirade about "gargoyles, psychics" and "new age science" and other things "not of God" she was forced to endure during her time on the show.

Well, after all those years, Marguerite Perrin is back, baby!

She recently resurfaced on TikTok during a trip to New York City. People online are absolutely loving her big comeback.

You can see her video here:


God Warrior takes on the Big Apple #newyorkcity #timessquare #godwarrior #nyc

Perrin posted several TikTok's dancing and having a grand old time in the Big Apple, even taking time to shimmy along with some street musicians in the New York City Subway.

It's not the first time she's hit the town, of course.

In 2019, a group of gay men spotted her on the street and had to take a photo with the woman who has become something of an icon of camp over the years.

After that photo went viral, a moving story about Perrin began to emerge.

Sure, we've always known her as she was frozen in time by Trading Spouses—as an unhinged religious fanatic with a pretty pronounced judgmental streak.

You can see some highlights below:

But a lot has happened to Perrin since then—some of it tragic.

As tragedy has a tendency to do, it seems to have changed her forever.

In 2007, her daughter Ashley—who was also featured in her episode of Trading Spouses—was killed in a car crash, leaving Perrin understandably devastated. It was LGBTQ+ people, mostly gay men captivated by the camp figure she became on the internet, who reached out to her.

Perrin was so moved by the outpouring of love and support from her gay fans she has become an unlikely LGBTQ+ ally. She's even been spotted at New York City's annual Pride festivities.

In 2019, she told Esquire:

"I was not getting out of bed for the longest time... [The gay community] weren't scared to talk about me losing Ashley and saying I'm sorry to hear about that. I was pretending like I was happy and I was okay. They would not leave me alone."
"You couldn't help but talk to them and be okay with them. The people that write those little memes and do those little things, I love that. That's what got me out of bed after Ashley's death."

That interview spawned an outpouring of love for Perrin, but afterwards she had kind of disappeared again.

Until her recent trip to New York when she popped up on TikTok.


Tell me your favorite go to places in the city! We just had Juniors & the sandwhich was as big as me. Mmhmm GOOD. #juniors #godwarrior #newyork #shesnotachristian

And fans all over the internet are overjoyed to see The God Warrior again.

Here's hoping Perrin pops up on TikTok more and more from now on.

She sparks way too much joy to disappear again.