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Georgia GOP Senator Dragged After Trying To Troll His Democratic Rival For Eating A Vegan Burger

Georgia GOP Senator Dragged After Trying To Troll His Democratic Rival For Eating A Vegan Burger
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Republican Senator David Perdue's campaign ridiculed his Democratic runoff opponent Jon Ossoff—who ordered from a vegan restaurant in Atlanta—by posting a photo of Perdue with plates of bacon.

Perdue's campaign team trolled Ossoff with a photo of the Senator and his wife inside what appeared to be a Waffle House and tweeted:

"[Jon Ossoff] can have the plant burger, we'll take the all-star special. Pick your side, Georgia."

The Republican hopeful's breakfast selection was in reference to an option on the menu of restaurant chain, and corporate giant, the Waffle House.

Meanwhile, Ossoff supported "Slutty Vegan"—a small Black-owned vegan eatery as part of his Small Business tour on Saturday.

CNN Politics reporter DJ Judd tweeted:

"Back in Atlanta, Democratic candidate for Senate Jon Ossoff kicks off a Small Business Saturday tour with a stop at Slutty Vegan, a vegan burger joint."
"'We got Jon Jon running for Senate in the building!' a staffer calls out as Ossoff enters, prompting cheers."

Meat-eaters who felt isolated over Ossoff's vegan-centric tour criticized him online.

However, plenty of people supported the 33-year-old Democrat for his endorsement of small businesses.

Others slammed Perdue for his petty campaigning tactic—straight from the GOP playbook—in mocking his Democratic opponent.

One Twitter user mentioned the Senator's corruption for his involvement in the 2020 Congressional insider trading scandal.

Tensions in the Georgia Senate runoffs have ramped up after the swing state flipped blue for the first time since 1992 in the 2020 presidential election.

Perdue's campaign team was under further scrutiny and called out for being hypocritical for throwing shade at Slutty Vegan after the Republican Senator called small businesses "the backbone of our economy" back in August.