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Gay Trump Supporter Has Meltdown After Being Kicked Off Flight For Refusing To Wear A Mask

Gay Trump Supporter Has Meltdown After Being Kicked Off Flight For Refusing To Wear A Mask

The world is well aware of the global health crisis we've been facing for the last few months.

But some people still aren't ready to accept the "new normal."

"Former liberal" Brandon Straka was caught off guard when he was asked to put a mask on while on a plane.

The gay activist is the founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, a conservative movement that encourages people to leave the Democratic Party. A growing trend in the United States sees conservative and Republican leaning people refusing to follow precautions that fight the virus.

Straka was very unhappy when American Airlines staff requested he don a mask for his flight out of LaGuardia airport in New York.

Straka was on his way to Oklahoma to attend Trump's controversial upcoming rally originally set to be held on June 19th, also known as the holiday Juneteenth in honor of the end of slavery. As per the airlines policy, all passengers are required to wear a face covering to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Straka threw a tantrum, apparently outraged at being told to follow the airlines rules like everyone else.

New York Times reporter Astead Wesley happened to be on the flight, and tweeted a video of Straka losing it on a flight attendant.

In the video, you can hear Straka whine, unrelenting even when the flight attendant offers him other options, and reminds him that he is delaying the flight.

While Straka and the flight attendant argue, other passengers begin to yell at Straka to deboard the plane. Wesley also mentioned that once Straka did leave, passengers began to clap.

CNN reported American Airline's statement confirming that the incident took place, explaining:

"After he refused to comply with the instructions provided by the flight crew, our team members asked him to deplane. He deplaned and the flight departed the gate four minutes late at 12:34 p.m. ET."

Straka went on to record a video, telling his version of events.

Straka complained about being kicked off, claiming the flight staff intimidated him, and that since wearing a mask is technically not the law, then he shouldn't be required to wear one.

But people weren't buying his story after seeing Wesley's video.

Straka's complaints continued in a series of Tweets.

He claimed to have filmed the entire altercation, but hasn't posted the video or responded to requests for it.

American Airlines is obviously refusing to back off of their safety measures, as Straka is now banned from their flights for the duration of the mask requirements being in place.

Regarding the decision, the airline said:

"American Airlines thoroughly reviewed an incident on June 17 involving one of our customers, Brandon Straka. As a result of this review, Mr. Straka will not be permitted to fly American, as he failed to comply with our stated policy and crewmember instructions."

The conservative personality is reportedly the first to person to be banned by an airline because of their refusal to wear a mask.

While most airlines, businesses, and public transit operations are currently requiring passengers to wear masks, exceptions to rule are made for young children, people who are eating or drinking, and for people who suffer from medical conditions that make wearing a face mask difficult.