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American Airlines Pilot Goes Off On Rude Passenger Behavior In Divisive Rant Caught On Video

The pilot's speech before takeoff covered a lot more than just the usual talking points as he chastised passengers for all kinds of behavior he's seen—and some people think his rant may have gone too far.

American Airlines plane; screenshot from TikTok
Zoonar / Getty Images Plus; @lone_didion/Instagram

The pilot of an American Airlines flight laid down the law before take off. He added a small lecture to his opening captain's speech to the passengers.

He addressed the adults who misbehave on planes, calling them out specifically for not listening to flight attendants, annoying fellow passengers and being the "selfish and rude" passengers he finds on "every single flight."

The pilot said:

“Everybody paid for a space."
"Don’t lean on other people."
"Don’t fall asleep on other people."
"Don’t drool on them, unless you’ve talked about it and they have a weather-resistant jacket.”

Most people agreed with his message.





People were amused by his comment about those forced into the middle seats.



Others were excited about the pure dad energy he had going on.




Some folks weren't happy with his tone, though.




However others pointed out if you were offended by what he was saying, you were probably part of the problem.



People generally think he should be tapped to do some announcements for wider audiences.



American Airlines has not commented on their pilot's now viral rant.