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Gay Man At Coffee Shop Passes Hilariously Blunt Note To Stranger On A Date Behind Him

Gay Man At Coffee Shop Passes Hilariously Blunt Note To Stranger On A Date Behind Him
Image Source/GettyImages, @Haida_S/Twitter

The excitement of going out on a first date can sometimes interfere with a person's true perception of the other person.

Luckily for Twitter user @Hadia_S, she had a second pair of eyes to confirm what her inner voice may have been trying to tell her about the man with whom she was having a cup of coffee.

A concerned patron of the coffee shop, who was sitting near the couple, felt compelled to send Hadia a heads up after he noticed something was off about their date.

So when Hadia's potential suitor left to use the restroom, the observant stranger scribbled a special note for her.

"I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note," wrote Hadia, and posted a photo of the message.

The note read:

"Too many red flags. Run. Be safe, girl."


People wanted to know more details about the vibe the quiet ally had picked up on.

One user asked:

"I can't help but wonder how bright red those flags were for a complete stranger notice AND write a warning note. Big Yikes."

Hadia responded:

"As bright as my red nails."

Hadia admitted her date wasn't "THAT bad" but she did mention how the note opened her eyes more to the situation.

People wanted to know if she abruptly aborted the date.

But instead of ditching the unsuspecting date, Hadia said she decided to "debate him" since she felt she "wasn't in danger."


Hadia also mentioned she would've picked up on the "red flags" eventually, with or without the stranger's note.

However, she added the note "was greatly appreciated and added some laughs to my night."

She also clarified there would be no second date.

Users continued weighing in with their observations.

Apparently, strangers recognizing a questionable dating situation and letting it be known is a thing.

People couldn't help but comment on the CVS receipt on which the message was scribbled.

Hadia later said her only regret was not exchanging numbers with the helpful stranger so that she could "compare notes."

People often say we should mind our own business.

While that axiom should apply in many situations, looking out for a woman's safety could be the one good exception.