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Garfield The Cat Somehow Managed To Piss Everyone Off On Election Day—And We've Hit A New Low

The cartoon cat who hates Mondays but loves lasagna upset people with his lack of enthusiasm over voting.

So much to unpack here. Apparently, if you judge by his official Instagram account, Garfield doesn't care much about voting and people are not happy about it.

Of course, one needs to take into consideration before getting upset that cats don't actually get a vote. To add another layer, Garfield isn't even a real cat, he's a cartoon of a cat so even if he could overcome his "drawing affliction" and come to life, cats still don't get to vote.

Also, Garfield is notoriously lazy and selfish, so there's that. Plus, he turned 40 this year, which is super old for a cat. But none of this matters for some folks who took issue with Garfield's lack of enthusiasm for the democratic process.

For his part, Garfield remained unapologetic on Tuesday.

Sometimes you just have to let a cat be a cat.

Let's hope if cartoon cats are given the vote Garfield will change his tune.

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