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Lady Gaga Explains Why Removing Trump Using The 25th Amendment Isn't A Good Idea—And It Makes Sense

Drew Angerer/Getty Images;JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

On Wednesday, President Trump incited a riot at the capitol that disrupted the congressional certification of the electoral vote, and led to the vandalization of the capitol building as well as five deaths.

Immediately, there were calls for the President's removal via the 25th amendment, a process by which a majority of the cabinet and the Vice President can deem the President unfit to serve, and can remove that President from power. But one celebrity argued that the 25th amendment should not be invoked.

On Thursday, Lady Gaga tweeted:

Many agreed that something had to be done.

Others just had praise for Lady Gaga.

And some felt that the full weight of the government had to work multiple angles to remove President Trump from office immediately.

There are less than two weeks left in the Presidency of Donald Trump. We are all holding our breath till January 20th.