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Matt Gaetz Tried To Take Credit For MTG's New Committee Assignments–And She Shut Him Right Down

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was not having it after Matt Gaetz tried to take credit for her getting two plum House committee assignments.

Matt Gaetz; Marjorie Taylor Greene
Alex Wong/Getty Images (left and right)

Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz and Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene clashed after he tried to take credit for her new House committee assignments.

Although Gaetz and Greene are usually politically aligned, the two have been on the outs since they took opposite sides in a recent right-wing rebellion that nearly denied the newly minted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy the coveted position.

McCarthy's failure to secure his party's backing strained the relationship between the two reactionary politicians and Greene went so far as to criticize Gaetz for his role in the rebellion, accusing him of not being a MAGA team player because "his first vote in Congress was for Paul Ryan as Speaker."

Greene landed cushy positions on the House Oversight and Homeland Security committees and Gaetz tried to take credit by lauding her in a tweet in which he assured his followers she would "do amazing work for the people on these key committees she has EARNED."

You can see Gaetz's tweet below.

A noticeably displeased Greene did not accept Gaetz's congratulations, only thanking McCarthy and the GOP Steering Committee—composed of party leaders, selected committee leaders, class leaders and regional representatives—"for voting me on the committees I requested on the submission form most of us filled out."

Greene blamed Gaetz for Republicans being "weeks behind" on their legislative agenda after he "spent a week only getting MTV from 5 to 1," referring to the “motion to vacate” rule change McCarthy agreed to secure the votes of his far-right opposition that empowers any single member of Congress to force a vote to remove the Speaker.

Greene said she "look[s] forward" to her new committee assignments as "the leading MAGA voice in Congress."

You can see her tweet below.

An undeterred Gaetz followed up with another tweet saying he is "thrilled" that the GOP's far-right faction secured the rule change that reverts to a "standard" before Nancy Pelosi was House Speaker.

He then praised Greene directly, saying "We the People are in better hands" with Greene on two committees that have vowed to hold "the corrupt Biden [administration] to account."

But Greene did not accept Gaetz's olive branch, noting that the "rules package did not change at all from Jan 1st to Jan 6th, except MTV went from 5 to 1."

She added:

"Literally anyone can read them online and see that. All substantial negotiations happened in conference [and] 5 families [Greene's nickname for the GOP] meetings before the 15 ballots starting on Jan 3rd."

You can see their interaction below.

The Twitter exchange between the two GOP hardliners opened them both up to significant criticism.

Greene is no doubt doing a personal victory lap since securing her spot on the committees given previous controversies that cost her committee assignments.

Greene, who has promoted violence against her political opponents, was stripped of her committee assignments in 2021 after she made antisemitic remarks and called for violence against Democrats.

While McCarthy ultimately won the speakership after 15 rounds of voting once he gave significant concessions to the far-right members of the House Freedom Caucus, there is currently no sign the feud between Gaetz and Greene will end any time soon.

When Fox News asked about their Twitter exchange, Gaetz said he is "a huge supporter" of Greene, referring to her as "a dynamic and inspirational leader in our movement."

Greene declined to comment.