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These Comparisons Between Your Freshman And Senior Years Are Way Too Accurate 😂

These Comparisons Between Your Freshman And Senior Years Are Way Too Accurate 😂
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, @mak_appel/Twitter

Ah, back to school time...a cherished time of yearly youthful milestones!

We all do the same things to prepare: pick clothes sure to impress, do our hair just so, immaculately arrange out backpacks filled with fresh, new supplies, and go in with a can-do attitude that says "This is going to be my year!"

At least, that's how it is when you're a freshman. Senior year? Not so much. Senior year is when you roll out of bed ten minutes before class starts, makes sure our pajamas don't give off an odor and stumble out the door, still sleepy whether we got a full eight hours the night before or not.

I will never forget walking to class my first day of college looking like a creative-directed J. Crew catalog spread, wondering why the older students looked almost homeless. By senior year, I understood that so well that I chuckled to myself every time I saw an immaculately dressed freshman rushing to class.

Anyway, these marked contrasts have been on lots of people's minds recently, as Twitter users shared their own compare/contrasts between freshman and senior years--with some hilarious results:

Some saw the transition as one of personal growth:

But others couldn't help but take a darker view...

Some even saw their parents go through a freshman-to-senior transition!

But one thing is for sure: no matter what view you take, it all goes by in the blink of an eye.

Cherish these years while they last!

H/T Someecards, Odyssey Online