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Fox Casually Strolls Onto A Rooftop To Sunbathe—And It's Living Its Best Life, Honestly


Sometimes, animals just get it. If we could be anywhere in the world on a sunny afternoon, where would it be? Probably sunbathing on a picturesque rooftop. The only difference between us and a fox, spotted by Twitter user @tombellforever, is that the fox had the courage and follow-through to make that dream a reality.

After climbing up a fire escape, the fox inspired scores of internet users to live their best, most self-caring lives.

Not only was the fox happy, it was also incredibly photogenic.

Before long, the fox disappeared as enigmatically as it had arrived.

The fox had no idea it was leaving behind droves of admirers.

One of the fox's biggest fans: cousin Steve.

Steve is all about serenading that fox.

Twitter users around the world wished the could pet the furry friend!

Meanwhile, however, other foxes were being spotted all over London!

The world is now divided into two groups of people: those who are near foxes, and those who wish for more in their lives.

This fox is so cute it deserves a classic British treat!

As far as wild animals go, that fox seems about as welcome in civilization as they come.

H/T - Twitter