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Fox News Gets Savagely Trolled After Airing Bizarre Graphic Filled With Gibberish About Senate Runoffs

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Jon Ossoff defeated David Perdue in the Georgia Senate runoffs on January 6, helping Democrats take control of the upper congressional chamber for the first time since the 2008 elections.

A graphics maker at Fox News, a network well-known for its conservative bent, seemed to be a bit despondent over the news.

A graphic that aired during a conversation between Bret Baier and Shannon Bream was shared online and quickly went viral.

The title of the infographic? "Importance Of Who Controls Senate sdfg sdfg sdfg sdfg sdfg sdfg sf."

Many people on Twitter jokingly wondered what "sdfg" might mean.

Others suspected the chyron's author was frustratedly typing in nonsense with their left hand.

Perhaps the author was not sad but simply bored at the predictable results of the poll.

Which party controls the Senate obviously matters to anyone invested enough in politics to be watching Baier's program.

Or perhaps there are much darker, more mysterious codes at play here...

Though the "sdfg" won't be remembered as January 6's strangest happening, it certainly confused those who encountered it.

It's been an incredibly hard day for Republicans but one can only hope this funk doesn't sink into future graphics as well.