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Fox News Contributor Dragged After Ranting About Donut Shop's Decision To End Police Discount

There's a lot in the world one could be angry at right now, but Fox News's Dan Bongino is beyond outraged about one thing in particular: a Rhode Island donut store that is no longer offering a discount to police.

The Rhode Island donut shop stopped issuing the discount in solidarity with protestors advocating for racial equality around the nation.

Appearing with Fox & Friends on the morning of June 8, Bongino couldn't believe the injustice of denying these police officers their discounts.

You can watch the clip here:

Quick as a lightning bolt, Twitter turned Bongino's rant into a top-quality meme.

Of course, Bongino had something to say about that.

But the memes continued without much care for what Bongino thought fo them.

Many people online seemed somewhat disturbed that anyone would care about a local donut discount more than police brutality.

Who knows what pastry-based outrage Bongino will encounter next?

There were some who felt this entire situation felt eerily familiar.

Despite Bongino's pleas, it's likely donut shops will remain autonomous in their discounts for the forseeable future.