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'Fox & Friends' Sent A Reporter To Ambush A Migrant Family And 'Foil' Them From Entering The U.S.

Fox News

A Fox & Friends reporter went on a bizarre adventure, apparently stalking a migrant family and hiding in bushes to bust them.

Usually reporters are there to cover the news, not become the news, but this week, Griff Jenkins decided to put himself in the middle of a story. Tuesday morning, Jenkins hid in the bushes with his cameraman and waited for a migrant family from Central America to attempt to cross the U.S. border.

During the report Jenkins turns to the camera and says:

"We laid in the bushes in wait, and we busted one of those smuggling operations. We've been out here in the bushes waiting to witness one of these crossings. You can see they've got a family in a raft."

Fox News Reporter Harrases Migrant Family

Fox News bragged about the report with a banner title on the bottom of the story reading, "Griff Foils Illegals' Attempt To Cross Border."

The report was instantly met with skepticism.

Some thought the reporter was being a bully.

Here's an idea: Maybe reporters should stick to reporting.

H/T: Huffington Post, Salon