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Florida Woman Claims To Be A Doctor In Condescending Rant After Being Asked To Wear Mask In Costco

Florida Woman Claims To Be A Doctor In Condescending Rant After Being Asked To Wear Mask In Costco

The ongoing saga of people losing their entire minds over the concept of wearing a mask in public in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in 100 years, took a new turn on Tuesday.

A woman who was asked to wear a mask in a store defended her choice to not do so by claiming to be a doctor. Never mind, of course, that actual doctors everywhere are begging people to wear a mask.

This doctor knows the real science—or so she claims in a video that has gone viral, anyway.

The incident took place in a Costco store in—you guessed it, Florida—where the virus causing the pandemic has been surging for weeks.

In the video, a man confronts a woman about her choice to not wear a mask inside the store, which is against Costco's company-wide policy. She is holding two masks in her hands, but refuses to put them on. The woman's elderly mother is also unmasked.

As the man points out her violation of the policy, the woman takes a condescending, mocking tone in response.

"Yes, call the police... Shame me, like an a**. Go ahead, get out of here."

She then makes a kissy face at the man and smiles.

The man then asks an employee to call a manager, and the woman changes tactics—she claims she hasn't yet had time to put on her mask. She then scolds the man for shaming people and asks him if he understands science.

It's when the man answers in the affirmative that the woman condescendingly claims to be a medical professional.

"I'm a DOCTOR, okay? I am. And my father was too. And WE know what to DO about this."

When the man asks to see her credentials, she flips him the bird.

The woman's behavior drew wide criticism on Twitter.

And people were not impressed by this "doctor's" supposed medical expertise.

Florida currently has the second-worst pandemic outbreak in the country, behind only Arizona. The state had over 7,300 virus cases the day this video hit the internet; that number has risen above 10,000 24 hours later.